Labelling of medicines


Other labelling links (and some others) is a tower of light in the UK labelling mess. They (Idris Hughes and Simon Whitacker) deserve credit for the MLX275 process probably resulting in MCA demanding the use of the 'Number plate' concept.


Institute for Safe Medication Practice, in USA, lead by Mike Cohen, is a driving force in preventing medication errors. Naturally labelling is an important part of this concept. I especially recommend a look at the issues of ISMP Medication Safety Alerts.


E-Drug is a moderated email discussion forum on essential medicines.  E-Drug is the best source to keep updated on political and practical pharmaceutical/medicinal issues. Their archives are searchable, and a great source of information.


Communication Research Institute of Australia, Inc with it's director David Sless is one of the few places where they do research on the communication side of medicine labelling.


Brian Parkinson has got a very relevant and resourceful blog. Brian is an information designer working in NHS, National Health Service, in UK. Brian has good antennaes.




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