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Identical tablet from the same company -

but different names and information


Presentation given at FIP Cairo September 2005



(e-mail to E-drug 15 January 2004)

I have become aware of something I fear is a new trend.

I would like to know if there are more examples of this in other


Some companies market their tablets in different brands for different

indications. The tablets may differ in colour and/or imprint, but can also

be identical. The brand names may be totally different, but can also

differ only by a suffix of two letters.



Sweden: Vioxx and Vioxxakut, MSD

Norway: Vioxx and Vioxx AC, MSD

Denmark: Vioxx and Vioxxalt, MSD

Germany: Vioxx and Vioxxdolor, MSD



Sweden and Norway: Emconcor and Emconcor CHF, Merck

Denmark: Emconcor and Cardicor, Merck

Germany: Concor and ConcorCor, Merck


In these days of parallel import and generics, this creates a lot of

confusion and uncertainty in the pharmacies. And I fear delay and

medication errors.




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