Labelling of medicines

Labelling survey 1999

The FIP Working Group on Labelling conducted a global survey on labelling in 1999. The purpose of the survey was to get a better idea of how prescription drug labeling is done in different parts of the world. This as a basis for the work with developing guidelines for labelling of medicines.

The main focus was on package and immediate (inner) container label, and not on prescribing information and package leaflets, which is also called labelling in some countries. It is important to note that we asked how the labelling was as seen by the patient, and not as it was when the medicine left the manufacturer.

Members of the FIP Working Group on Labelling: Stein Lyftingsmo, Norway; Oscar Bruce, Ghana; Leander Fontaine, USA; Avi Moshenson, Israel; Jerome A Reinstein, Great Britain.

Report Labelling Survey 1999

Summary Labelling Survey 1999

Presentation of Labelling Survey 1999 at the FIP Congress 1999 in Barcelona.