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I got this question from India:

    No pharmaceutical company is specifying on the label of drugs like this:

    "This medicine is indicated for male use only"  or

    "This medicine is indicated for female use only"

    Please give your comments on this.


Here is my comment:



If a female takes medicine which is for males only, this is in principle

not different from the situation where a person takes medicine meant for a

diagnosis that this person does not have.


I think that such warnings should only be prominent if there is danger of

serious damage if taken by wrong gender.


Information on package and package insert and in drug catalogues should

cover relevant situations. Already that is often a lot of information. If

we also tried to cover all the effects of people taking the wrong

medicine, then I think the relevant information will be drowned in an

ocean of words.


People taking wrong medicine is either a medication error, or a result of

fraud. You cannot expect counterfeit medicines or medicines sold on false

premises to be labelled 'correctly'. As for medication errors, there are a

lot of other dangers (than wrong gender) that I fear more.


Oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy (menopause) are the

most genderspecific medicines I can think of. All the other substances you

mention I believe can be used by both genders. Sildafenil can be used for

pulmonary hypertension.


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