Labelling of medicines

Tall Letter Writing of generic cephALOSPORine names


As patents are expiring, generic cephalosporines are more used. Generic cephalosporine names are very similar and unfamiliar to many health workers and patients.

In order to enhance differentiation Tall Letter Writing is recommended (also called 'Tall Man' Letters). I have made a global list for recommended Tall Letter Writing of generic cephALOSPORine names. The list is presented as a poster at the FIP Congress in Sydney September 2003.

More detailed information in Word format.

The list is made in co-operation with Mike Cohen at ISMP, Institute for Safe Medication Practices     ISMP supports the recommendation.


In 2001 Food and Drug Administration in USA recommended Tall Letter Writing for 1 single name and 16 name pairs. Remark that the auto-correct mechanism seem to have overridden the lower case first letters.



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