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September 2013

Is the Braille labelling worth the money?

Poster on FIP Congress in Dublin


Juni 2013

Merking av legemiddelpakninger og pasientens sikkerhet

Seminar for legemiddelkomiteer, Oslo. Arragert av LStatens legemiddelverk.


October 2011

Lessons learned from medicine package user situations: 61 years perspective.

Presentation on Informa Life Science, Labelling Conference, London


August 2010

Medicine selection on computer screens

Poster on FIP Congress in Lisbon


August 2010

Patient packs vs dispensing from bulk. Symposium at the FIP congress in Lisbon

Pharmacy based systems for patient packs in Europe Presentation by me

Logistics and Patient Safety Implications in Dispensing from Bulk - Jeannie Kim Lee

Bulk dispensing in Africa - Alexander Dodoo


June 2009

Design of information on medicine packages (27Megabyte) pdf-file (2Megabyte)

Presentation given at Lundbeck Denmark


September 2008

Unnecessary elements on the labels of medicines

Poster on FIP Congress in Basel


Mars 2008

Merking av legemidler og medisinfeil.  NB NB 67Mb pdf 3,5Mb

Presentasjon på Fagdag i forbindelse med årsmøte i Norske Sykehusfarmasøyters forening.


Juni 2007

Tvillingpreparater er en uting.

Artikkel i Tidsskrift for den norske lægeforening og på denne websiden


Stein Lyftingsmo

Design of Information on Medicine Packages

Presentation on Pharmaceutical Packaging & Labelling Congress 2007 arranged by Visiongain, London 29th May 2007 (13,5Megabyte)


February 2007

Article about Dual branding published i Pharmaceutical Journal and on this website.


Stein Lyftingsmo

Merking av legemidler

Innlegg ved temadag i Stockholm 24. november 2005 arrangert av Läkemedelsakademin

Läkemedelsförpakningar - design, säkerhet och marknadsaspekter (13,2 Megabyte)


Stein Lyftingsmo

Identical tablets from the same company - but different names and information

FIP Cairo September 2005


The National Consumer Council in K has released Health Literacy Report

in August 2004

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David Sless and Alex Tyers, Coummunication Research Institute of Australia

case history #5
Panadol 24 Pack: new instructions for consumers

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David Sless, Australia

Designing Public Documents.

International Design Journal + Documents Design 12(1), 24-35

© 2004 John Benjamins Publishing Company

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Frank Phillipin: small print: improving visual pack information for older consumers

A case study (completed 2000) from The Royal College of Art, The Helen Hamlyn Research Centre, UK.

"A project which explores the relationship between mandatory (legally required) and marketing (brand sales) information on packs, ..."

"The results showed that the whole issue of improving visual pack information for older consumers is much more complex than simply adhering to guidelines on legibility."

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Robert Calvert, UK

Background and present situation on MLX275 from MCA

Vision in Business conference, London December 2002


Jane Nicholson, UK

Patient friendly labelling - the way forward

FIP congress Nice September 2002


Andrew Herxheimer, UK

The sources and quality of information for patients

FIP congress Nice September 2002

                            Learning about medicines

                            CA seminar May 2002


Jerome Reinstein, UK

How better labels and package inserts could help people increase their adherence to therapies

FIP congress Nice September 2002


Theo Raynor, UK

Consumer medicines information - improving access for people with low literacy or visual impairment

FIP congress Nice September 2002


Ros Dowse, South Africa.

Evaluation of the REALM health literacy test in a developing country.

FIP congress Nice, September 2002


Stein Lyftingsmo

The design of information on patient packages

FIP congress Vancouver September 1997