Labelling of medicines


Pharmacy labels, introduction


A prescription medicine package is not a finished product when it leaves the manufacturer. The information on the package should be customised to the needs of the individual patient. He/she should get his/her individual indication for use and dosage instructions put on the package.

In many countries this customising is done in the pharmacies by the use of pharmacy labels.

I would like to learn about the situation in YOUR country, also if you don't use pharmacy labels. Check out if your country is on my list, and if the information is correct and complete. If not, please send me an email or mail about it.

Country list.

I want:
*The number of different labelling software systems in your country with estimated market share (e.g. number of pharmacies using the system, and total number of pharmacies).

and for each software system:
*size in millimeters (that part of the pharmacy label which is put on the medicine package)
*name of the software system using this particular label
*name of the company that owns the labelling software

I also want you to send me 2 typical (ususal) label examples (for each system if possible).
One for an uncomplicated coarse of antibiotic, e.g. phenoxymethylpenicillin,
and one for a typical high blood pressure medication, e.g. ACE inhibitor.
Any patient name will do, it is very OK to use my name.

Stein Lyftingsmo
2415 Heradsbygd
(the address is complete)

Please explain elements on the pharmacy label that are not selfevident (outside pharmacies in your country).