Labelling of medicines


Pharmacy labels by country




The Netherlands





Denmark written July 2002

All prescription medicines in Denmark must have a pharmacy label.

30x80mm (different sizes)

4 different software systems

    Bo Soft
    Søren Thygesen Data

Germany written August 2002

Germany does not require pharmacy labels. Many pharmacies use small stickers with handwritten instructions when considered necessary. In a pharmacy in Oldenburg they showed me two different stickers. One neutral circular shaped sticker, and one with the logo of a generic medicine company and with fill-out boxes for the different dosage times of the day. This pharmacy said they used these labels approximately in a 70/30 ratio neutral/non-neutral.



The Netherlands written August 2002

All prescription medicines in The Netherlands must have a pharmacy label.

Typical size 30x70mm

3 major software systems:

    Pharmacom (appr 40%)

    Euroned (appr 30%)

    Microbias (appr 30%)


First line: date and name of prescriber, prescription number and operator ID.

Second line: name and address of patient.

Last line: number of tablets, identification of medicine.


Norway written July 2002

All prescription medicines in Norway must have a pharmacy label.


Software system: Farmapro, 100% market share. Only thermoprinters.

The barcode is EAN-code for the Nordic vnr (6-digit) which is printed on all packages, and is an unique package identifyer

On small containers the label can be folded along the right edge of the red frame.


Sweden written July 2002

All prescription medicines in Sweden must have a pharmacy label.


The software system is developed and owned by Apoteket AB, which is a state controlled company running all the pharmacies in Sweden.

First line: Date of birth and name of patient

First (and if necessary, second) coloumn: Dosage instructions, and what the medicine is used for.  

Third coloumn: Precription number and item number. Price. Number of packages. Operator ID. Date of dispensing. 6-digit Nordic vnr (unique package identifyer).