Labelling of medicines


Boasting companies



Pharmaceutical companies are boasting about their product in may ways. Price, effect, lack of side effects, easy to swallow, better slow release formulation, customer sealed, child resistant, etc. But remarkably few boast about their labels (literally spoken).

 I suspect many of them haven't even a company specification on how strength should be specified and differentiated on the packages.


Companies that say their labels are good and explain visibly on the web why they are good, will be cheered on this page. That is -  if I agree that they are good.


Please inform me of companies deserving this honour!




October 2004:

Almus is a UK generic manufacturer. Very good, but not top score until they indicate where to put the dispensing label. Dispensing label, or pharmacy label is compulsory in UK, and contain amongst other elements: product identification, patient name, and dosage instructions.




February 2006



Orphan Europe is an originally Swedish company, now with headquerters in France. They specialise in development, marketing and distribution of orphan products for the treatment of rare diseases.


Orphan Europe is mentioned here because of their Pedea package. It is not correct to say they are boasting about it. But they have managed to create an extreme multinational package that is usable.






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