International Chainsaw Pharmacists


International Chainsaw Pharmacists work for extended use of chainsaw in pharmacy.



Chainsaws are powerful tools, and their possibilities in pharmacy has not yet been fully investigated. Doctors have already started using chainsaws in tumor therapy, acromegaly, athlete's foot, and bypass surgery. It's time the pharmacists enter the scene and show what can be done with chainsaws, for instance in double blind, over cross trials.

Until further notice, the Chairman of International Chainsaw Pharmacists is Stein Lyftingsmo

To be a member of International Chainsaw Pharmacists one has to be a pharmacist with at least twenty hours of practical experience using chainsaw.


File manager. Position vacant. Applicants with experience in log handling will be preferred. Note that one cannot sharpen logs with a log file.

Motto: Chain and sword saw forever (not perfect).


    Preventing chainsmoke. If the saw chain is badly filed, or not filed for a long time, chainsmoke may arise whilst working on large logs. Chainsmoking is a symptom of lack of proper skill, and may endanger renewal of membership.

    Chain reaction: I saw you there, and you saw me here.

    Corner cutting. You would be surprised to know what can be achieved with a chainsaw. You can literally go through walls of bureaucracy. An internet based tutorial is under construction. It is recommended not to be in your own house during the first lessons.


Chainsaw File Directory


Seriously. The week before I attended my first FIP congress I spent several evenings in the forest cutting timber (to raise money for our crosscountry skiing club). At the opening ceremony of the congress I began thinking about all the soft white academic fingers and the contrast to the hard physical work with the chain saw. And the idea  of ICP was born.

I have always thought that it is valuable to combine pharmacy with practical work. We should have more sheepfarming pharmacists and other good combinations. Running marathon and climbing mountains may be hard physical exercise, but the basic meaning of practical work is missing.